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The Modern 170B has Arrived

The Cessna 170B

The Cessna 170B has been a favorite since it’s introduction in 1952. Originally part of Cessnas “Businessliner” fleet, it proved to be a capable bush-plane even without any modifications. This is where the term Bushliner stems from.The 170B is light both in empty weight and handling. The responsive sporty feel has been described as an Italian sports car. The Bushliner 170B outpaces cub type aircraft while having the ability to haul four people, land in the same or similar terrain, and boasts an impressive range of over 900 miles. Side by side seating makes flying with a passenger more enjoyable. The Bushliner 170B is perfect for: Hunting, backcountry flying, advanced flight training, seaplane/ skiplane operations, flying for the sake of flying. 

Legend has it a 170B has simultaneously hauled two people, a moose and an outboard motor while on floats from the remote areas of Alaska. 

Performance Data (Demonstrated in N2771C)

Takeoff Distance115 Demonstrated
Landing Distance150 Demonstrated
CRUISE@65% 120MPH 8.2GPH (31” tires)
Gross Weight2200 (Pending 2450)
Estimated empty weight1,400 LBS (with 31” tires)
Estimated useful load800 LBS (Pending 1050)
Fuel Capacity67 Total 63 useable, 66 Demonstrated.
Range at cruise921 (low altitude)
Climb1,500 FPM Demonstrated
Power off stall40MPH
Power on stall0 indicated to break Demonstrated
VX40-100 MPH

Bushliner 170B Build Sheet



  • Complete disassembly
  • Parts inventory
  • Complete reconditioning for overhauled components
  • Primed prior to assembly


  • New pulleys, bushings, skin, hardware, etc.
  • Long Range >1,000NM Wet Wing and improved fuel system
  • STOL Airfoil
  • 200+/- hp engine by Lycon
  • Upgraded new gearboxes and “P.Ponk” Reinforcement
  • Heavy Duty Landing Gear (Cessna 180 Style)
  • Gross Weight increase to 2450** (FAA STC Flight Test Pending, current gross weight 2200)

All of our aircraft are disassembled and built from the ground up. Pre primed components and structural upgrades make our aircraft stronger than ever, without adding unnecessary weight. A 2,450 pound Gross Weight* will allow these aircraft to have a possible useful load of over 1,000lbs depending on options. Stowage compartments keep your gear out of the way, but ready for use either in flight or to quickly access on the ground. Optional tie down points and cargo nets keep your cargo behind you. Upgraded landing gear and gearbox reinforcements let you take this airplane where not many can go. Included full ADSB and 406 MHz ELT compliance.

Special Features

Special Features

Sample Equipment List

Sample Equipment List


  • Baggage Door
  • Fueling steps and handles
  • Tail pull handle
  • Stainless Steel strut tie downs, seaplane or ski plane kit optional
  • VFR instrument panel
  • Dual G5, Wet Compass, Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator, GTX 335 ADSB out, GTR 200 com, PS-Engineering PM3000 Stereo Intercom, Garmin Area 660 ADSB in, JPI-EDM 900 Engine Monitor


  • Manual 40º of flaps
  • Sportsman STOL airfoil
  • Stainless steel control cables
  • Heated pitot
  • New style flap rollers, pulleys, etc.


  • Lightweight starter
  • Lightweight alternator
  • Lightweight Battery
  • Dual magnetos
  • Navigation lights
  • Interior lighting
  • Three point strobe system
  • Wing tip pulsing Quasar landing lights


  • Choice of engine
  • Remote oil filter
  • Engine oil quick drain
  • Choice of propeller, electronic ignition, etc.


  • Two 33 gallon integral wing tanks and additional one gallon reservoir (67 gallon capacity)
  • Fuel selector valve (Left, Right, Off, & Both)
  • Electric fuel indicators
  • Fuel tank sump drains
  • SA3-D Gascolator
  • Modern fuel system with cross links from return
  • Tested 67 gallons total, 66.5 drainable in level flight attitude. Legal useable 62 Gallons.

(Each wet wing is 10 LBS lighter than the original wing, stronger- more continuous structure, and spars double sealed to prevent leaking.


  • Leather Seats
  • Dual flight controls
  • ANR headset wiring
  • Rear jump seats
  • Pilot and co pilot storage
  • Wing flap lever control
  • Cabin heat


  • Alaskan Bushwheel wheels and brakes
  • 8:50 x 6 tires
  • 3200-type steerable tail wheel
  • P.PONK LANDING Gear beef up


  • Inertia reel shoulder harnesses for Pilot and Co-Pilot
  • Audible stall warning horn
  • 406 MHz ELT
  • Reinforced fuselage
  • Optional flight tracking by Spidertracks

The Cessna restoration specialists

Photo Credit: Tom Piscoya

Making the Grade:
Proven Design Modern Utility

Standardized Bushliner Assembly:

  • New sheet metal skin.
  • New hardware.
  • New windows.
  • New carbon fiber interior.
  • New wiring.
  • New avionics.
  • New cables/pulleys and controls.
  • New overhauled/firewall forward.
  • Reconditioned or new PMA’d structural components.
  • Airframe structural upgrades.
  • All AD’s complied with and/or eliminated.
  • A Bushliner may include; Modifications on request.
  • Outfitting for specialized business or government operations.

Overview Process

Phase 1: Acquisition and Initiation

Phase 1: Acquisition and Initiation

  • All details of build reviewed and approved
  • Deposit acquired
  • Airframe assigned to the client
  • Dismantling
  • Component Refurbishment
Phase 2: Assembly of Bushliner

Phase 2: Assembly of Bushliner

  • Fuselage jig and assembly (Cessna Factory Jigs)
  • Initial instrument Panel framing
  • Plumbing, wiring and, controls
  • Landing Gear installation
  • Wing and tail surface receiving
  • Interior Paint
  • Windows
  • Paint/ Polish exterior
  • Interior panels and upholstery
Phase 3: Fitment and Finish

Phase 3: Fitment and Finish

  • Final instrument panel installation
  • Firewall forward – Client selected engine option
  • Lighting and accessories
  • Flight controls and rigging completed
  • Weight and Balance
  • Flight Test / Engine break-in
  • Final adjustments and detailing
  • Delivery