Our Process

Cessna’s taildraggers have legendary-history. In the 40’s through 80’s when they were mass-produced, they were cutting edge aircraft and decades later are still sought after for their performance and styling. After years of wear and use these aircraft are becoming a liability. To simply bring them up to safety, legal, and performance standards a person looking for a DIY project has to start with the purchase of one that appears to be in the least worst condition, and then begin the process of tearing into it to discover the true condition of the aircraft. Weibull suggests that failures will accumulate statistically over hours and years. This means that for existing airframes, more repairs will be needed than can continually be accomplished.

Aircraft Remanufacturing Company is getting ahead of these unforeseen problems and starting from the ground up with Bushliner; a built like-new aircraft for the pilot who wants a modern Cessna taildragger. The Bushliner process begins with a complete dismantling and reconditioning of the usable structural components of the airframe. We start here and save time, weight, and build the aircraft specifically for its intended use; no one-off patches or adaptations. This allows each component to be epoxy primed before assembly in our Cessna factory jig, and for modifications to be implemented in the build phase. Modern- day, structural upgrades are added to improve the durability and lifespan of the aircraft. We construct our aircraft as if Cessna never discontinued the taildragger line and continued to build them today. Simply put; Bushliner’s are built better.

Your Search for the “PERFECT” Cessna has ended!

Aircraft Remanufacturing Company is proud to offer the finest reconditioned, remanufactured and newly manufactured parts.

Our team leaders come from a variety of backgrounds in aviation. Our goal is to create a cost effective and safe future for the aerospace industry as well as general aviation.

From production PMA’d parts to full Bushliner aircraft overhauls, there is no limit to our capabilities. Our team can engineer, manufacture, PMA, and STC your part or project from start to finish.

Full machine shop capabilities:

  • 50 Taper Quantum Q-1250V, 50″ X 25″ Capacity
  • Okuma Cadet Mate, 40″ X 20″ Capacity
  • Okuma MC-V4020, 40″X 20″ X 20″
  • Doozan DNM750 64″ X 30″ X 20
  • Hitachi-Seike HT23J, 12″ Swing

To inquire about your project, send a detailed email to sisco@airreman.com.

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