Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

Because of the severity of our Bushliner construction, the cost of our aircraft is reflective of the cost of a new aircraft today. Prices can vary substantially depending on options, special requests, and customizing for special missions.   

Why are these airframes overhauled and not 'rebuilt?'
  1. FAA rules state an aircraft or engine may only be “rebuilt” by the manufacturer.
  2. The term “rebuilding” has been overused to the point where new paint and a few new components are socially accepted as rebuilt. These aircraft may have a nice appearance, but still have cloth wiring, old cables, and may have unseen damage or corrosion.
Do I bring you an airplane or will you source one for me?

You can absolutely bring us an aircraft, or we will be more than happy to find a  reasonable candidate for you. 

Is this only for Cessna?

Currently we are actively marketing to Cessna clients, however we have the capabilities to extend our services to any aircraft upon request. If you are interested in our services send an email to with your request.

What is a jig?

A jig is a steel fixture that holds key points in place during assembly to guarantee a straight airframe