Meet the Team

Kyle Fosso

Founder & Partner, President, A&P, PPL, SEL, SES.

Kyle is an excellent land and sea private pilot with a special emphasis in back-country flying. He and Samantha Hagan founded Bushliner Aircraft in 2018 with the focus and vision of re-releasing the conventional Cessna 170, 180 and 185 as enhance aircraft. Kyle’s unrelentless drive and vision for a modern conventional Cessna started early in his life.

Kyle became immersed in aviation at the young age of 14 when he took an introduction flight. To pay for lessons, Kyle began helping the mechanic, Mac. Under Mac’s guidance, Kyle purchased a 170B when he was 15 years old and, as Mac’s apprentice, tested out of A&P school at the age of 19.Kyle is an expert at sheet metal and even helped Sisco on the production of a palletized spray kit system used to combat oil spills overseas in cargo variants of the 737 prior to ARC.

Kyle’s passion for modernizing legacy Cessna aircraft and the long hours of restoring his airplane were rewarded with the honor of a Bronze Lindy at EAA AirVenture in 2017. When Kyle is not in the shop, he is encouraging young aviators to pursue aviation related goals and provides introduction flights as much as possible.

As a founder of ARC, Kyle, enforces quality control and answers technical questions from clients. Furthermore, he conceptualizes designs to exceed modern standard to maximize performance and safety of Bushliner pruducts.

For any questions, please email Kyle at or go to

Francisco J Guadamuz (Sisco)

Partner/ Director of Operations & Certification

Sisco is a Partner and Director of Operations at Aircraft Remanufacturing Co, Inc. (ARC), which leads the company on all operations related to FAA certification of projects concerning Supplemental Type Certificates (STC), Parts Manufacturing Approvals, Repair Station certification and optimized manufacturing strategies and business practices.

Served as a Sergeant for five and half years in the United States Marine Corps as a heavy equipment operator and served in the Middle East, after Sept 11, 2001. After Sisco’s time in the Marine Corps, he became an aircraft mechanic and spent the next 12 years working for Boeing or ATS, an MRO repair station.

He started as a heavy structures mechanic and made his way up to master mechanic and eventually production manager. As a production manager, Sisco was part of the Extreme Make Over team who was responsible for replacing the outer shell of the fuselage on the Southwest Airlines 737, and production of a palletized spray kit system used to combat oil spills overseas in cargo variants of the 737.

Sisco joined ARC in 2019 to assist with manufacturing goals and added significant experience to the company. He is a great leader and knowledgeable about the entire process of transforming a tired airframe into a Bushliner.

For any questions please email or go to to contact Sisco.