New vs. Old

Deemed “Equivalent to New” by the FAA

New Hardware

Here is a example of BOTH elevator cable clevis bolts after 3,500+ hours of use, compared to a brand new one. The old one has been cut nearly half way through! 

If these were to break you would loose control of the aircraft pitch immediately. This isn’t normally caught on pre-buy inspections or annuals.

Here at Bushliner Aircraft all our airplanes are assembled with NEW hardware. Period.

New Components

After 65 years and 3,500+ hours the old rudder pedal bearings are worn out! 

This causes a stiff rudder and jiggly pedals.

All Bushliners are built with new wearable parts such as these to give you the best and most reliable control of your aircraft. 

Corrosion Protection

All Bushliners are epoxy primed before assembly! Dirt and oil is covering this aircraft making it heavier, and encouraging corrosion.

The trim cable has also been tangled for at least several years. Every Bushliner is delivered with 100% new cables, no need to ever wonder what’s been done or “fixed”. 

New Hoses

This is an original brake line located under the rudder pedals. Over the years it has worn through down to the core! If this were to rupture it would likely be under pressure- when the pilot wanted the brake, and it would fail.

All Bushliners are delivered with NEW upgraded hoses and chafe protection to ensure failures like this don’t happen to you. 

Professional Rigging

An improperly rigged airplane can slow you down and not give you full control authority! A straight airframe won’t need improper rigging or trim tabs to compensate!

At Bushliner our aircraft are built in laser aligned factory jigs and rigged professionally to maximize both ends of the speed envelope!