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Meet the Team

Francisco Guadamuz “Sisco”

Francisco J Guadamuz (aka Sisco) is a Partner/ Director of Operations at Aircraft Remanufacturing Co, Inc., where Francisco leads the company on all manufacturing of FAA related certification projects, including STC, PMA and all Lean Manufacturing and Business Practices.

Francisco served 5.5 years in the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS as a heavy equipment operator, where he made the rank of E5/Sergeant and served in the Middle East, just after Sept 11, 2001. While serving out in the Middle East Francisco was nominated for Marine Corps heavy equipment operator of the year and was awarded the Navy Achievement Award for going above and beyond the call of duty, rescuing 2 military vehicles that were stuck in the surf on the beach and clearing a path and retrieving a fallen CH53 in the jungle of Kenya, Africa.

After Francisco’s time in the Marine Corps, Francisco became a aircraft mechanic where he spent the next 12 years working at Boeing, Aviation Technical Services, and Waypoint Aeronautical. Francisco started as a heavy structures mechanic and made his way up to master mechanic and eventually became production manager. Francisco has worked on Boeing 747, 777, 737, 767 as a mechanic building these planes brand new or repairing planes already out in the fleet. Francisco was on the EMO (Extreme Make Over) team that would replace the outer shell of fuselage on the Southwest Airlines 737 fleet.

As a production manager, Francisco managed the production of a palletized spray kit system, for a Boeing 737-400 cargo jet, used to combat oil spills overseas. This Research and Development project took 5.5 years and $13.5 million to complete, with FAA/EASA STC, and deliver to customer. The spray kit system was delivered to customer in Feb of 2018.

Please email sisco@airreman.com or go to www.bushliner.com to contact Francisco J Guadamuz (aka Sisco).

Kyle Fosso

Kyle became involved in aviation at the age of 14 when he took an intro flight where he was introduced to his mentor, Mac McGuggin. Under Mac’s guidance Kyle purchased a 170B at the young age of 15 and apprenticed with him for many years. His years with Mac working on his 170B gave him enough early experience to test out of A&P school the age of 19. He continued on restoring his airplane with Samantha, who he met in 2015, and later won a Bronze Lindy at EAA Airventure in 2017. Kyle developed a passion for modernizing legacy Cessna aircraft. He arranged to start Bushliner Aircraft with Kumar and Samantha, with the focus and vision of remanufacturing the 170, 180, and 185 as updated aircraft. Sisco joined the company later in 2019 to assist with manufacturing goals and adding years of experience working on aircraft into the company. Kyle now manages the shop, quality control, answers technical questions, and initiates the STC modifications and improvements for Cessna aircraft.

Kyle is an A&P, Private pilot with tailwheel, seaplane, high performance, and complex endorsements. In his spare time he actively encourages youth to pursue aviation related goals and gives introduction flights.

Phil Montano

Mechanical Designer