Lifting Eye Handle Adapters​

Lifting Eye Handle Adapters​ – $289

Currently the lifting eye provides the only means of support while fueling. Its rounded shape is difficult to grab and uncomfortable. Besides being inconvenient, back injuries from falling onto floats and damage to the aircraft from the fueling nozzle has occurred.

These machined handles provide a convenient point to grab while fueling your aircraft, and reduces the likelihood of injury from falling from the higher taildragger or seaplane heights.


Set Includes: 

  • Left Handle
  • Right Handle
  • Set Screws


  • Clear, red, or blue anodizing
  • Other anodize colors available upon request

* Red and Blue handles currently out of stock

* Please specify clear, red, or blue anodizing when you place your order.

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* Hawaii and territories may vary

Custom airplane assist handle

  • Approximately 14′ of 7 strand 100% nylon paracord rated at 550lbs break strength.
  • Custom Titanium handle ends proudly fabricated by!
  • Paracord is handy to have on hand if the worst happens.
  • Custom colors and lengths available.

NextGen Panels


Bushliner Panoramic Skylights.

This project is pending.

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  • Replaces cabin roof.
  • Provisions for air vents, dome light, etc.
  • Leak Proof.
  • Windows changeable from the inside of the aircraft.
  • Carbon fiber center console and wing root pocket parts to interface with openings. (Can be sold separately)
  • Large opening for maximum visibility.
  • Stronger than the original skin without skylights.