Experimental Bushliner 1850EX Kit

Formerly Cyclone 180

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Nextgen panel

NextGen Panel System

Glass avionics upgrades made easy for your Cessna 172,175,180,182,185 & 210.

Certified Bushliner – Cessna 180/185

Complete aircraft overhauls . Call for a professional consultation.



Cessna’s taildraggers have legendary-history. In the 40’s through 80’s when they were mass-produced, they were cutting edge aircraft and decades later are still sought after for their performance and styling. After years of wear and use these aircraft are becoming a liability. To simply bring them up to safety, legal, and performance standards a person looking for a DIY project has to start with the purchase of one that appears to be in the least worst condition, and then begin the process of tearing into it to discover the true condition of the aircraft. Weibull suggests that failures will accumulate statistically over hours and years. This means that for existing airframes, more repairs will be needed than can continually be accomplished.


Lifting Eye Handle Adapters, Custom Airplane Assist Handles, NextGen Panels, and Skylights are currently available for purchase!

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