Bushliner | Aircraft Remanufacturing

Bushliner | Aircraft Remanufacturing

The modern Cessna taildragger has arrived

Overhauled using PMA’d Components & Original Production Tooling

Complete aircraft overhauls starting at $489,000 – covered by a 5 year tip to tail warranty!

Bushliner Aircraft Company specializes in a complete Zero time overhaul of Cessna legacy aircraft. This gives aircraft owners the opportunity to remove questionable doubt of the workmanship, fatigue, and overall quality of their aircraft by returning it to equivalent to new, modern day standards. Bushliner strives to improve parts and support for safer, efficient, and more enjoyable aircraft operations, and to set a new quality standard in the general aviation industry.

Bushliner Aircraft are backed by a five year factory new warranty, guaranteed to appraise for beyond the final completion cost, financing and insurance are available! Due to the extensive and specialization of the Bushliner overhaul process, the FAA, appraisers, lenders and insurance companies consider our aircraft equivalent to new, valued at 100%+ of the price paid.

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