Bushliner | Aircraft Remanufacturing

Bushliner | Aircraft Remanufacturing

Bushliner acquires Cyclone 10/01/2021

ARC will now offer:

  • Bushliner- Cessna 180/185 as a Certified aircraft
  • Bushliner Cyclone- 1800/1850 as an experimental aircraft.

The modern Cessna taildragger has arrived

Overhauled using PMA’d Components & Original Production Tooling

At Bushliner Aircraft we specialize in the only complete airframe overhaul of Cessna Aircraft.

The airframe overhaul includes the complete disassembly of an aircraft including all structural fasteners, inspection, fabrication of sheet metal skins, replacement of structural components as required, priming/ painting, structural assembly, new systems installation, new engine installation and upgrade integration.

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